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Direct message to Followers


i think about a function for designer to send message to all their followers (for special event, for news, to ask advice,to inform about the new version of a model… for anything you can think of…).


That’s definitely a good idea to connect designers with their maker base! We do have plans to work on the social aspects of our community, so if more people are on board with this, we can look into figuring something out :smile: Good suggestion!


I definitely like the idea as well…At this point there is little point to following someone other than to keep a link to them to look at later. Id love to see:

A spot on the dashboard to see the recent work of all the people I follow.
A way of bulk messaging all my followers, or specific individuals.
A way of seeing who’s online, and actively chatting with people.

These are the kind of things that would help grow this into not just a marketplace but a community.


Vote Up!


We definitely need to work on adding more to what “following” a designer/maker means on Pinshape.
Added these ideas to the board, and hopefully will be pushed out when we address changes the “following” feature!
Thanks guys, keep the ideas coming!


As long as it doesn’t give someone the right to “spam” a list of people, think it’s cool. Wouldn’t mind getting a few updates here and there


+1 from me as well. Some sort of a “wall” showing news posts from the designer would be good.


A big 1984 “double plus good” on any communications you can implement between folks here. It seems so isolated, cold, bitter to charge fees and not even allow people to talk with each other.


Hey @Les_Hall and everyone else!

One thing we’ve recently changed is allowing for messaging :slight_smile: If you go to someone who accepts messaging (this can be turned on or off in your personal profile), you’ll see a “Message” button. For example, my page:

Hope this makes communication a little easier!


Thank you Karen, glad to see that feature exists. Is it “on” by default?



Hi @Les_Hall

By default, the direct messaging system is ‘on’. Cheers


Hey @Karen

I don’t see a “Message” button anywhere on your or anyone else’s profile. Has the messaging system been disabled? I do still see a “Allow direct messages?” option in my settings.