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Design Tip of the Week!


Orient Your Models to Minimize Stress: Orient your 3D models so that print lines run perpendicular to points of pressure where force will be applied. This will minimize the stress being applied to that point and prevent prints from breaking.


For some models printing at a 45 or 30 degree angle making the layers long slices through the object, like cutting French bread. Threres no easy rule for all cases. Just be ready to think about it a little bit.


Understand your printer!: Do you want your design to be printable on SLS or SLA? Pinshape lets you list your designs as “downloads” or “printed” items, but desktop printers can’t always do what the industrial ones can (e.g. design details that are smaller than the printer’s nozzle or certain non-supported design elements). Know what you’re designing for and adjust those prints to fit that!


Got interlocking parts? Check the fit tolerance!: Try a 0.4mm offset for a loose fit or a 0.2 mm offset for a tighter fit. Always make sure to test it yourself to verify the fit.