Design Request - Stanley Cup

Hey everyone, if you’re a hockey fan like me, you know that the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs are just around the corner. To help celebrate the playoffs, it would be awesome to have a 3D printable Stanley Cup, one of the most iconic and storied trophies in all of pro sports. Ideally, it would be great to have one that was small and easy to print in one piece, and maybe another that had to be printed in separate pieces and assembled for a larger version.

If you happen to design one, make sure to post the link to the model here!


Here is a link to Thingiverse. There are more than one models of the cup that can be 3d printed. If you do not have a 3d printer, I can do it for you. I only need to get the cost of materials and shipping costs to you. If your interested, contact me at [email protected]. You could also find a local Maker on who might print it for you locally.