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Design Categories Update

Hey everyone, we’re going to do some updates to our categories to help make finding things your looking for easier than it is now. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what categories you think it makes sense to add/change/remove to best serve your needs:

People + Creatures
Toys + Games
Jewelry + Fashion Art

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I dont think miniatures is a very useful category. Technically, everything can be a miniature if you scale it down. Others seem good

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Change the category “people + creatures” to something else like various, art, or models. Or ditch the category completely. Always seemed like a odd category to me. I agree with PWNEDbyDM that miniatures should not be a main category. Maybe as a sub category for toys + games? Figurines would be a good sub-category for home.

It would be nice to see a hobby category. A hobby category strikes me as something for fan art pieces. A accessories category would be nice for the phone cases, keychains, and other non related fashion category items.

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