Contest help

it would be helpful if staff/judges would give opinions and judgements on designs that dont qualify and to clarify what it is that is needed to qualify for a contest. just for those like myself that didnt read the instructions right the first time. cuz i wasted my time and energy on stupid stuff that wouldnt even qualify. in feel totaly abandoned by staff, excepet for the occasional questions from staff. always questions never helpful suggestions. thx.

For contest entries, it is up to judges if they’d like to comment and make suggestions on designs. As for your submitted contest entries, which do you feel wont qualify @john_jonmes?

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I think you’re over complicating the interpretation and rigidity of the rules here @john_jonmes. So far I haven’t seen any entries that I wouldn’t qualify for the contest. The main goal of what we’re trying to do is have accessories that other people who’ve printed out the OpenRC Car can also use so there is some level of standardization. As @Chris_Halliday mentioned, please feel free to ask about whether specific concepts or designs would be eligible and we’d be happy to clarify.

ok but… you did not supply the complete original car. only 3 body parts. so… i can make a chassis and suspension or anything else as long as it fits the 3 body parts you supplied? in the holes in the body parts???

Hi @john_jonmes,

As per your response, you could make a chassis and suspension or anything else :smile: Your designs however will need to be compatible with all other original OpenRC F1 parts that aren’t part of your current design as well as all of the internal electrical components of the OpenRC F1.