[complete] Suggestion: More than 20 files in a design post

I have several designs that have WAY more than 20 parts, and it seems silly to break them up into multiple design postings. I could zip them up and not allow pinshape to see how many files a zip contains but that seems silly.


Hi Lasivian,

We for sure accept .zip files. If you upload a .zip, we will actually list all of the internal files on the design page, no need to upload them one by one. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what will happen if you upload a .zip file with more than 20 files internal to it, if you give it a try, please do let us know!

Thanks for the suggestion on raising the limit. Out of curiosity, how many files are associated with the designs you are trying to upload?


It failed for me. A zip just seems to be an easy container to get the files to the site, but the site still breaks them out of the zip and counts them. Hence I mentioned uploading a zip that is encrypted so the site cannot see inside. But that is a rather silly solution. :smile:

As to how many files in my designs, one of them is a collection of finger claws. Due to the uniqueness of human fingers I have over sixty sizing files. I was only able to upload twenty. Another one is a large format 3D printer i’m working on, so far I have thirty different parts involved and i’m not done yet.


Good to know, I’ll talk with the dev team and try to find out what the basis for our 20 file limit is and we can see what we might be able to do to improve this. To be fair, you’re the first person we’ve had that has been asking for more than 20 files in a design, so it seemed like a reasonable place to start.

Thanks again for the feedback!

No worries. You have to start someplace :slight_smile:

Here is an example of something with a lot of files:

Most of my mechanical have way more than 20 parts as well. The count on the big one that I’m currently working on and hoping to post somewhere this summer is currently well over 60. Most of it will print on a series of 8 plates, but people like to be able to get the individual part files as well.


Hey guys, we bumped the file limit up to 50 files today. It’s not unlimited, but it’s better for sure.


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This is awesome news!

Hi Nick.
Do you know if that works as well with 3DprinterOS or only for download?

The file limit is for all types of files. With our 3DprinterOS streaming, the user picks one file at a time to stream so the total number of files in the design doesn’t actually matter. You’re good to go Morena!

That’ s great! Thank you Nick!

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