Communicating with other users

We know that social interaction on Pinshape is important, and it’s really difficult to communicate with other users right now. I’d love to hear your thoughts about how you would like the social aspects of the site to work so that when we redesign it, we have your input in mind.

Some possible examples…

  • a user-to-user private messaging system
  • being able to twitter style “@” mention someone
  • being able to leave public messages on a user’s profile

What do you want to see?

My vote is for a user to user private message system

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Hi Nick, Thanks for looking into this topic.
I think that, as public message, may be sufficient to comment below the designs, as currently happen. It would be nice to have the @user option over the comment, as was implemented in the forum.
The thing that really is missing, is the opportunity to contact other users through private message (user to user private message system). The “hire me” warns to use this option only to hire a designer, so it doesn’t feel correct to use for other reasons.

The @ thing would be helpful. A lot of people don’t use the “reply” button for comments on pinshape appropriately so the end user doesn’t actually get a response notification so maybe this can help combat that

Thanks for the input @tanya_Wiesner and @MorenaP. We will likely have a 2 step progression where we open up the hire me message to be more general in the short term, then move to an on-site private messaging system when we have a bit more time.