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Can anyone tell me if my printer can be upgraded to a dual extruder?


Hi, I have tried to research this myself and wrote to the company but never got a response, I have an Alunar M508 Prusa i3 that I really enjoy, but I’d enjoy it more if I could go to dual or quad extruder. I can’t seem to find anything that matches my board, a picture of it is here: (it is the 2016 version). Can anyone tell me if this board will allow dual or quad extrusion, and if yes, how to go about it? Thanks in advance.


Hmm…that board looks like a knock-off of the MKS BASE series. Unfortunately, the stock board shown only has 4 stepper drivers (with one going to the dual-z connectors). You have two options: Upgrade to a board that supports more extruders (RAMPS, the MKS BASE series, and many other “Arduino-Compatible” printer controllers), OR if you want to keep this board, you can use the servo header (that rectangle of pins next to EXP2 and the Z-endstop connector) to control more stepper drivers and MOSFETs. Do your research, and see which solution suits you.
If you do choose to get a new board, don’t worry about connector compatibility or your power supply. Your existing cables’ XH2.54 connectors will work just fine with standard male headers (like in the servo header), and pretty much all of the existing printer controllers are just fine with 12V.


Jeremy gave a good answer.
I advise you do as he suggests.


Thank you both, I will see what I can learn.


Hi…I don’t need the MMU2 . I don’t have a need for multi colours, but I do have a need for printing different types of material.
Agree, the MK3 is not the machine for dual extruders (too small).
I love my MK3, had it for nearly 7 months and hardly a complaint and no failure (except wearable parts like the nozzle). Does the job!
Guess I have to go look else where for what I need.

printed circuit boards


OrrenHsieh Please check my latest guide for COD:MW you might find it helpful. Thank you!