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Buy a 3d printer for zero yuan! Anet3d sends carbon in the snow!


The epidemic is ruthless, I (Anet3D) have love! The mask did not recruit me (A8E3D printer) to make it!
China’s Anet 3D printing, which is deeply troubled by the epidemic, sees that there are still friends from many countries in the world who are suffering from the epidemic.
Although our skin color is different and we are in different places, our goal is the same-to overcome difficulties together!
Anet3D faced a ruthless epidemic and made a compassionate decision. Anet3D is willing to give 1,000 A8E3D printers to
Fate people; in order to make 3D printers popular in every family, so that 3D printers can send
When it comes to use, this 3D printer sells for less than $120! Just like this time of desperation during the epidemic,
Many users who have 3D printing print their own masks.

A8E3D Printer vedio:

On August 28, the beautiful day, as long as the user in the 3 d printing community: registered an account, you are count for half price to buy 3 d printers, due to the limited places (1000), Now hurry to Anet official website to sign up and snap up!

                                                       **Surprises keep coming**

Among these 1,000 destined people, through a month of use, I have personally experienced it. Before September 28, I played in 3D.
Print community:Submit your experience report, we will take from these 1,000 reports
Out of 100 outstanding people. At that time, we will announce the accounts of these 100 lucky people in the community so that everyone can learn from each other!
Congratulations to the 100 lucky ones! The money you paid for the A8E3D printer later, Anet3D will use coupons
The form of return to your account, you can buy any product on our official website in the future.


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