Breakthrough of 3d Printing In the Medical field

3d printing technology has revolutionized over the years. It has not failed to surprise the humankind with its new innovations and creations. These innovations and creations are contributing to the betterment of the society. One such innovation or may be the greatest innovation of the 3d printing in the medical field. Earlier it was difficult to do a kidney transplant or heart transplant because of the limited number of donors coming forward for this noble cause. But with the advance in 3d printing technology, that phase of the time has likely been extinct. 3d printing in the medical field provides many benefits including the customization and personalization of medical products, drugs, and equipment. Cost-effectiveness increased productivity, the democratization of design and manufacturing and enhanced collaboration are the qualities that make this printing technique to stand out in the crowd.

Benefits of 3d printing in the medical field that add up to the good cause
Customizable: Considering human anatomy is as different as considering every individual on the planet. Being able to customize your output is a huge asset and a key to understanding anatomy on a deeper level. Each patient can now the customized solution is available to each patient, which has revolutionized the healthcare industry.

Cost Effective: While large-scale productions are still quite cheap, smaller production runs and prototyping is affordable with the availability of 3d printers. Cutting down the cost of shipping and manufacturing has further created a strong base for the 3d printing industry.
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3D Printing is part of the innovative process called additive manufacturing, which means the production of three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The printer uses a kind of layering process, by which one layer is added after the other until you have a fully formed object.

Some of the most incredible uses for 3d printing are developing within the medical field. 3d printing is helping to save and improve lives in many ways. Here are some of the major advancements 3d printing is making in the medical field:

1.Low-cost prosthetics
There are many organizations which are using 3d printing to build low-cost, high-quality prosthetic limbs and orthotic braces for patients.The prosthetics come with the latest technology and are changing the lives of the people who in past had no hope of ever getting these devices.

2.Customized Protective Devices and Aids

3D printing is enabling high-quality, rapid, low-cost production of everything from dental implants to hearing aids, from prescription eyeglasses to headgear that fit better, work better, and offer better protection.

3.Customized Medical Implants
Thousands of 3D printed replacements for bony body parts: knees, hips, ankles, parts of the spine, and skull, are implanted every year, and the future holds more promise with 3D printed patient-specific parts.

Now a day, 3d printing technology is the fastest growing technology in the World. In Medical, Aerospace, Automobiles and Electronics parts are made through 3d printing technique. Binashree is one of them for creating the history of 3d printing technology.

3D printing has become one of the major part of any type of industry. So, use it personally or professionally, there is chances of getting some issues with this. However, if you get any such issue contact our Printer Customer Service number at +1-866-231-0111 for any technical help.