Best Sites to Buy Filament?

Hey everyone, where do you buy your filament? I usually use Amazon, but I was wondering if there were other sites you’d recommend. I’m looking for PLA myself, but it’d be good to know sources for any types of filament if you don’t mind sharing!

I use MakerGeeks when I want to buy filament. They have a good selection and prices are good too.


I live in the UK so it’s easy for me to get my filament directly from Ultimaker. I’d love to know if there are any other places you guys order from online that deliver in the UK without really high shipping costs.

MakerGeeks looks pretty good, thanks @BennyX3D. I’ll have to check them out. Any others anyone? I live in the US so places that ship there are nice, but obviously it’s great to hear where everyone gets their filament, even if not for US customers.

I’ve had good luck with ProtoPasta for their Stainless Steel and Magnetic Iron filaments. The steel polishes nicely, and you can post process the iron filament to make it rust for a great look for heads or statues.

Faberdashery in the UK has some great metallic and crystal colored filaments. But you do have to pay a bit more to ship it over to the US. Dario would have less of a shipping problem.

I’ve used Maker Geeks too and liked their filament.

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I’ve had really good luck with the ABS from and the excelfil from here I do have a couple of rolls of other ABS from and they seem great also. I print pretty much only in ABS now on my taz 5 as most of my parts are meant for functional prototypes.

you can buy from AzureFilm, i am using their filament from the very beggining and they are awesome
they have new wood filament and it prints great.