Best affordable PLA to use

We recently purchased 3d printers for our makerspace at school (thankfully with some grants received). We have some additional funds that we can use towards supplies and necessary things for the printers. We are using PLA filament because we are not able to vent the printers at this time. To purchase the printer’s brand filament seems like it is way more costly than what I can find on amazon.

Could someone share the best cost effective PLA that can be purchased? We have a limited budget to use, and I would like to get some different colors, but don’t want to spend a fortune for each.

Thanks for your help!!!

This is the PLA filament that I buy from Ebay. I have now used 10 rolls of this filament without any problems. Although the listing is for 10 x black, they will send you a mixed box if you ask them.

10 X Black Premium 3D Printer Filament 1kg/2.2lb 3mm PLA PETG Wood MakerBot UK

( 173910511936 )

If you are USA based, I’ve had great results with Matter Hackers base PLA, free shipping and a good price. Others in our makerspace use the same stuff and are happy with the consistent good quality. The level of customer service from the company is top notch as well. I’ve emailed with a question now and then, and got a direct phone call to answer one of the more complex ones.