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Best 3D printer for makeing aquarium decor

hi everyone, im in the market of buying the best 3d printer for under $3,500 but i need to know what 3d printer would be best for making fish aquarium decor. i have been molding and casting my work so maybe creating 3d models to mold and cast would be great but i also have read that you can make decor that is ready to sell straight after printing. Anyone have any suggestions? im brand new to this. any help would be awesome thank you

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I recently researched a lot of 3D printers and finally purchased the JG Aurora A8 available through The machine is well built, has a 14” x 10” x 12” build size. I paid $2200 and now it’s $2300. Can’t say enough about it for the money. Ball screws, linear rails…it is a commercial grade machine! I’ve owned it for just over 3 weeks now. The only downside is there is no U.S. support available, however the quality gives me comfort.

Thank you so much Mike. I will make sure to checkout that printer tomorrow and read more up on it. Price is great too. thank you :slight_smile:

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contact me if you need a 3d modeler to make your ideas into 3d models
[email protected]

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Today people is very interesting 3D printing technology and they agree to investment, 3dprint and robo3d are well know company that can give you best buying option or any thing about print tech problem then contact to Ricoh printer for better service


What kind of decor can be made from 3D printing technology?

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Yes, through 3d printer you can make more design or decor. If you want to make your own design, then you have to research on the internet all about Printing machine or other more details. By the way, It’s easy to design your model, you want for and Binashree is also a 3d manufacturing Provider, where I have made most of my designs.

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Im using an old 3d printer for printing out whatever, It sometimes stops working but it gets the job done, funny thing is it once 3d printed out a logo for my country it was supposed to say Park View city but it ended up Prick View State, It got me laughing for hours XDD.