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Battery case for galaxy s5 (sm-g900t)


anyone with a samsung galaxy s5 (sm-g900t)
or at&t (sm-g900a)
(at&t and tmobile variant fit the same…).

is it possible to design me a battery case,
i can either drill with cnc , or find someone to 3d print
will hold 6 (six) 18650 batteries (sideways)…
maybe flat metal strips connecting all the +'s on one side
and one to connect all the -'s on the other

i am not overly concerned with how thick it is…
but compact please. i think samsung says it needs 4.85 volts
and they can output about 4.6…
so it may dim just a little but should work fine
and last 2 weeks or more
----you can keep the patent. i only want 2-3 eventually

i just got my parts kit for a 24volt 3018 mini cnc…
laser cnc 40 watt comes tomorrow…
i havent a clue what i am doing though

well thank you all for ANY help,
Ed Capp


really! 6 parallel 18650s will probably run that Sammy for 5 years. Anyway, it would be much simpler/cheaper to get one of these;