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Ask for help!


My name is Tomás, I’ll do my best trying to help you, just contact me :wink:


Hi Tomás,

You are so kind.Nice to meet you.

Best regards


Hi! Nice to meet you too, Amanda, and thank you :smiley: If you need any design, just let me know


Hey Tomás,
Can you help me rearranging a stl file i downloaded here.
Its a part print which is too big for my printer so i would like to make it fit. It is currently 208mm and i can maximum print 200mm.

This is the project:

The part i cannot print is the shafts. I would like to learn how to do it so if you can explain this to me or give me a link i would be very happy. I have tried to look around with no luck.

Sincerely Tais


Aargh! Help!

My Sunhokey Prusa i3 clone arrived with no instructions and blank SD cards. I mostly have it built. The controller turns on and the motors will move along the axis.

I’m on a Mac and just finished configuring slic3r.

Mostly I just hope nothing lights on :fire: