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Are you abadoning focus on your own project in favor of a new release


If you plan to announce new focuses on your own new projects and laying back on a old project and want to carry on in favor new works of yours to carry out on this is the topic to post on , to prevent clutter of focus of old projects and just want to do something new

But to disclaim this is only for projects that will not be deleted but rather just dangling for others to download
If your actually making work obsolete this is not the topic for you

• also if there is any policy against this let me know & i will delete it , i am still am transitioning to the culture of this forum


Me for example am doing this with my elastic powered pellet slinger
Because i want to refocus on a actual slingshot
no further clues
But if i can get a agreement with zack frews
On the slingshot it will be posted on my pinshape account
For free
But to disclaim we are very clear about expectations of responsibile & proper handling