Anyone know any better places to sell 3d models?

Hi, anyone else having issues with pinshape? I noticed that they lack support for creators and refuse to respond when contacted about paying creators. Is there a reason for this sloppy lack of efficiency? Does anyone know if there is a better alternative site I should sell my models at? If so it’d be awesome to know which ones are better about paying their content creators. This kind of thing is deplorable and inexcusable. I have half a mind that someone could take this lack of paying content creators to court because last time I checked, it was illegal for any entity, website or otherwise, to not pay a person money they were promised as per agreement of the service. I am not a lawyer but I believe this to be the case, and I can be certain that the user agreement for the site is legally binding and therefore the website has an obligation to pay it’s content creators. Correct me if I’m wrong. Also tell me if anyone knows a better alternative, pls.

Maybe open a shop on ETSY…
I’d suggest Shapeways but they usually expect parts to be made using their expensive services.

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That’s a great idea, especially since it only costs a few cents for a listing per month.

After the multiple problems I’ve had on several 3d model share/selling foums, I now do the majority of my model sales (non-commission) using a combination of Etsy and from a Facebook page (accepting Paypal there).

I use Etsy as I am able to actively advertise via listings there and also run sales regularly. I do not like spamming FB groups (or even my own FB page) to try and peddle models, as it’s distracting and people who just pop into groups to ONLY sell stuff and not contribute drive me nuts. So, Etsy is great for getting products out there to a large group and also with digital downloading incorporated it is literally a hands-off process. The down side is that payment turnaround (once Etsy has the funds) can take a bit depending, and the fees sometimes do not seem appropriate.

Selling through FB lets me go straight through Paypal (saves some on fees), and is easier for me when it comes to setting up custom model commissions.

I like the IDEA of the 3d model platforms that are out there (ie Pinshape, MMF, etc…), but in practice my experiences with sites like that have well, sucked. Not being able to get paid, refusal to pull my models once they stopped paying me and I complained, etc… And I refuse to let a site take 25-30% of every model sale for them running the site. Just my two cents, but I’d rather go through the effort of Etsy and FB on my own than risk getting walked all over. It’s a shame too, it just feels like these companies are understaffed, undermanaged, and the powers that be get greedy and end up walking all over all of these modelers that are supplying such great content.

Full disclosure, this isn’t meant to be directed at Pinshape specifically, or any of the other platforms out there, just my own opinion from my own experience over several years of working full time as a 3d artist and designer specifically for printing.

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Try there is a monthly fee to sell. But you can upload or down load free stuff too. They see to have a more professional lease in life. I’ve been reading bad things about Pinshape for quite awhile now sad to say. And i’m not sure you can undo your up loads to either site to be honest.

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