Agents of Shield Interrogation Room

I would love to see a 3D print Hexagon Wall Tile that Fit together well (tongue in groove maybe?) to make the walls of my office look like the interrogation room on Agents of Shield. See for reference:

This couldn’t be that hard to design or print I would think. I wish I had the software to design it myself. Could anyone take a crack at it?

The design would be easy. The problem is scale, 12"x12"x1", w/beveled edges, and the shear number of tiles you would need.
An entire office? That would be expense. Print cost would probably be $50 to $75 per tile, at 12"x12"x1" each. Most printers aren’t even capable of printing something that big, 6"x6", or 8"x8" is typical. Did you want to print them yourself?
You could use 2" thick insulation foam board, and paint it. Cutting individual tiles would be easy, but may not fit seamlessly together. Curving the pattern in to full 4ftx8ft sheets could be done, but there would still be a seam where the panels butt together.
Here’s some other alternatives: (Google, “hexagon plastic mold”, view images) ,much more textured,made in Sweden, no price , $15 ea. +shipping, no beveled edge. , Polystyrene dish(as-in disposable=fragile), 7"x7", $113 for 500.

It would only be one office wall, my 3D printer would be able to print it. Would like to mimic the Interrogation room on one of the walls.

What size is your print bed?

I have a 22 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm build area


Are you still looking for this design? If I am correct in looking at the photo, each hex is hollow in the middle?

I could help if needed i designed a lego compatible minifigure stand just like that… you can find it on kickstarter by searching “brickforge” email me at [email protected] or facebook

I love 3D printing but I think I’d CNC this one out of 4x8 foam board panels…you could do all the cuts in a couple of hours and install would be way simpler…

These can be printed but to save time I simply set up a table saw and cut 1inch foam into 7inch wide strips. That is what worked for my rooms dimensions, then cut those down into “Hexagons” using a template and a hot-wire to cut them out. If unable to build or get a commercial hot wire a jigsaw or even a electric carving knife works great. A jig to set the bevel for the edges to get the correct inset look, I had to play around to find the one I wanted that worked for me. I tried using spray paint other ways of simply painting the foam directly but decided to go with a fabric covering that once applied to the foam cutouts. I painted the correct flat or mat black color, if I attempt this again I May try “Flocking” the prices or testing out other coverings to get a more effective “Graphite” or “Ceramic” look to them. I am happy with what I ended up with and this was a fast and cheap way of doing what I wanted to do. It looks great just remember to get your first pieces set or lined up correctly or your end up having to cut pieces and could end up doing a lot of extra work. I started at the ceiling level and on an inside corner. Also drew guidelines on the wall to be sure to keep everything lining up so that I ended up cutting a hex in half to fill at top and bottom of each wall. All part of your math when deciding on how large to make them when planning out your project. For a change I will be adding in on the side walls later on accent pieces from the Bones FBI interrogation room then fill in the middle area with the hex pattern from Agents of Shield to mix it up. Now that I Know what I am doing how to do this. Have fun and enjoy. R

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