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Advice for choosing a 3D printer

I have been interested in buying a 3D printer for a while now. I have finally saved enough to buy one, now I just need to figure out which one.

I will be mostly using it for my crafting and to make objects. So I’m looking for something a beginner can use, but will last me as I advance in my 3D printing. I have one big issue that needs to be addressed when choosing a printer. I am disabled and while I am the one that will be making the designs, I can’t do anything physical. So someone else will be handling physical printer part. So I need the printer to be easy enough for anyone to use. Not the software part, the hardware part. And it will be people who are not interested as myself and 3D printing. So I’ll be able need to be able to guide whoever is helping me.

It would be a bonus if the printer was available to purchase at Amazon as I have several gift cards I would like to use.

Also could people recommend sites to learn more about 3D printing. I am interested in learning about the different types of materials you can print with.

Any advice/guidance is greatly appreciated.

No one answered. :sweat_smile: I recommend Creality ender 3 printers. Cheap and reliable.

I also want to buy a new 3d printer but I don’t know which one is better. Thanks for replying and now I know which printer is best for me. Can anyone over here advice me top writing service? Because I am looking for it online but can’t find any good one yet.

I want to sell karaoke machines but I had an idea for getting a 3d print of karaoke in different styles and placing them on my shop so what printer is best for these stuff?

Hey guys I am doing this comment again asking how should I sell my karaoke machines ?

3D printers are more affordable than ever, but you still shouldn’t spend more than you have to. Know what you want to print and use that to set the expectations for your new printer. Look for high-quality features like a heated glass bed, larger build volume, and an easy-to-use user interface