About wanhao i3 mini

I just bought a wanhao i3 mini. I only can print the models in the micro sd which came with the printer. I set up the wanhao cura to my competer and download stl formats and change it to gcode with cura. Then i insert the micro sd card to the printer and printer can find my file but when ı want to print I see nothing !! How can ı solve this problem i cant printany models except the demos.

I would try to compare the gcode that you generated with cura and the example model and check that all the basic “start instructions” (like homing all axis and starting heating the bed and extruder) are correctly in place in the files that you created.
If these instructions don’t match up you will need to set up correcly your slicer.

You can also try to install a different slicer and try it just to see if it works.
From your description seems that the printer works fine, so it should be a problem with the slicer set up.