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About the Pinshape Ambassadors category


Welcome Pinshape Ambassadors! Here you’ll find all the latest happenings for our various Ambassador roles. If you’re interested in the program, you can get details and sign up on our Ambassador page!

If you are part of the Ambassador program, we’ll give you permission to see the appropriate section of the forum. If you don’t have access, but think you should, please let us know!


I would like to apply to be a maker ambassador. I have been 3d printing for Approximately 3 months, and have made around 90 different objects. The reason I haven’t made as many things on here is that the past two weeks I have been waiting for replacement nozzles. I am 15 and I know I could provide helpful insight to beginner Makers because I have had most of those problems myself and have been helped by some very kind folks in the community. once my 3d printer is back up and operating, I will be posting makes weekly. I also have about 12 more designs to upload, but I haven’t printed them yet because my printer is down. Once my nozzles arrive, I will be printing and uploading designs again.

If you aren’t sure about me, you can give me a quota of makes a month I will meet.


Can We Apply For Ambassador Program Now?


you can use this Pemra website for the ambassador program.