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About the MakerTron WIP category


Are you working on a design for that’s compatible with the MakerTron C.O.R.E for the MakerTron Design Contest? Share your work here and get feedback from other artists about your work before you submit it!


YEAH nice thread.
Here is my concept sketches,I couldnt decide yet,whichone it will be.Your idea?


Wow these look so great!! I personally like the middle one, but it seems harder in terms of printability just because its jaw juts out.

The leftmost one reminds me a bit of a stormtrooper :slight_smile:


My vote is for the one on the right. All of them are very cool concepts though!


Hey karen thanks for your comments.actually middle one was my last sketch i am not feeling so near to it and its abit Badcharacter feeling :slight_smile: so like you others are more suitable for printing…


What programs/tools do you use to create these sketches eric? They look really cool.


I like right one. It’s very cool.


Thanks alot Nick…


Aa i just saw,
I am using autodesk sketchbook generally and photoshop for last touches…