A little over the top? Filament box

For $60 a box, which is more expensive than any of my filament spools I believe, this seems a little over the top…

You know it’s funny I know you’re supposed to protect your filament, but once I start printing a spool I leave it out and open on the shelf. I don’t put it in sunlight or anything but nor do I try to control humidity or anything. I run it through a sponge while printing to wipe off the dust and that’s it. I’ve never had any problems with humidity. The only filament I’m at all careful with is Nylon…Maybe my environment just isn’t humid enough to matter…

3D printing is a hot market right now though so I expect to see a lot of the equivalent of cup holders for 3D printers for sale…

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I have a de-humidifer running in the room I print and I store my filament in a plastic bin with the silicone packets that ship with the filament. Haven’t had a issue with my filament.

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LOL, WHY GREEN ! Great idea, but poor color choice. This could seriously be a “must have” item at around $40, even if it was just a kit.
I bought a 40w laser cutter to make these and printer enclosures,(haven’t had time to try it yet), but CLEAR acrylic would just make so more practical sense. I’m even hooked on Esun filaments b/c they now come on clear acrylic spools.

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Haha agree with the green @Gene_Crady :joy:

I have some issues with my initial spools, in which i kept my filament upstairs where it’s nearer to the kitchen. Wasn’t the best. But honestly, yeah, it’s not such a big issue that I’d buy individual boxes to store all my filament. And plus, yeah, there’s home made methods to prevent this at a fraction of the cost!