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3MF upload support


Shocked to see that I can’t upload 3MF files. Please enable 3MF upload.


Nice video and great explanation about the format. I use S3D and that one supports 3MF, however I almost never see anyone uploading a file in that format. I have downloaded literal gigabytes of models from Thingiverse and other sources and I think I only saw ONE 3MF in all these years. Maybe if more CAD software supported it and made it easy to use… also, if the Diamond hotend was more popular :grinning:


You can’t download 3MF if repositories like pinshape don’t let you upload them.

As for the diamond, you should check it the 3D printing today podcast. They’ve discovered it doesn’t actually blend the colors.


Yes, i would also like to see 3mf are possible to upload.