3d Scanners

I’m looking to buy a 3d scanner for the new year. A Einstart 3d Scanner looks to be what I might want to get but I was wondering if anyone may be aware of other scanners under $1500 that could match or do better than what the einstart is capable of for resolution?

I’ve read the article on the pinshape blog but a lot of those seem to have some major drawbacks or poor resolution compared to what I’ve seen videos of the Einstart is capable of doing.

I’ve been researching 3d scanning and photogrammetry for almost a year now. Einstart has the historical technical expertise to produce a quality product. They’ve managed to offer a scanner at 1/2 the price, double the resolution, and less workflow than other scanners costing 2-3X as much. It still not perfect, stitching multiple scans might still be a challenge, and bed size is limiting, but looks great for a hobbyist/entry-level piece of scanning equipment.

As for larger scanning:

  • Nothing affordable looks good yet.
  • XYZPrinting just released a $200 hand-held, but their reputation is too tarnished to even consider trying it, and reviews are already coming back as negative.
  • Autodesk Momento looks like it will emerge has the premiere photogrammetry application.
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Sorry for the late response, but the artec 3D scanners provide a variety of affordable and precise 3D scanners.