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3d print your own custom gaming miniatures


For those interested in printing your own gaming miniatures check out this read for some tips:
3d-print-your-own-custom-gaming-miniatures on


The miniatures shown in the picture in the article looks so nice!


hum… i love to see that even MAKE: author didn’t read the licence of object (use of models without link/name to the respective modeler in the tutorial) and give a link to a copy of my weeping angel model i didn’t approve…

even more… MAKE: supporting a model stealer like thingiverse website hurt my eyes…


I totally missed the weeping angel in the main image . You should leave a comment on the article on the MAKE site about the author contradicting himself.


Same, didn’t notice it at first! Yeah, following the link to the design is very convoluted, in which they credit another designer, who then credits you. Would you like me to reach out on your behalf?


it will be kind of you :slight_smile: i don’t have the time to create an account to leave comments on Make:


Reached out, and I’ll keep you updated via direct email :slight_smile:


Hi, fantasygraph.

I am the author of that Make: article. My apologies for missing that you were the originator of the weeping angel model. I have updated the article with a note saying that the original model is by you, and provide a link to your model on this site. I hope there are no hard feelings.

Thanks Karen, for reaching out and letting me know about the issue. I would never intentionally use someone else’s digital property without properly attributing it.

Also, now that I know about pinshape, I will definitely check out the community!

Andrew Terranova.


Hey, I also just updated my remix of the weeping angel on thingiverse to credit fantasygraph and link back to his model here.


thank you for your move and thanks for the credit even if i didn’t like to see my model on thingiverse :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: but it was my choice to give them to the community Under CC BY 4 , so it’s fair , no hard feeling :smiley:

i wish you the best Andrew.

by the way, the tutorial was good :smiley:


I’m glad I was able to fix it to your satisfaction.

Your model is really, really nice, BTW!


Do u think there is a market to for game miniatures? Or the mkt is overflowing with it?



I don’t see table top games disappearing anytime soon so there will always be a market for game miniatures. Fantasy Flight Games probably dominates the market with their games and miniatures but it is always great to see new takes on classics. I know many people who still play table top games that have used 3d printers to make add ons to their favorite games.


Great references for table top miniatures specifically for 3D printing would be this guy:


3D printing is not a bad idea if you can afford it then you can do thisprinter offline fix its provide best interface to do so.