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3D Character Artist - Available for Freelance!


Hi Pinshape!

My name is Nick Rutledge. I am a 3D character artist looking to work on some cool projects. I can create anything from realistic to super stylized characters and object. I have been in 3D for around 4 years now with knowledge in ZBrush and Maya and have worked in the vfx industry making characters and assets for film. While I have only made one character for print so far, I know I can knock out whatever it is that you need made.

Feel free to check out my stuff at and email me at [email protected]


Cool designs, Kessler.
Are your designs 3D printable?
Would love to see some of your designs on Pinshape.


do you make UV maps, too? I drew a primitive character but making ‘skin’ , a face,
is kind of daunting to me at the moment.