"You're awesome!"

I saw a talk on 3D at a local city last week and chatted to the one of the speakers, she also had had an invite from one of the talent scoutson here to her thingiverse profile. I’d had another one that same day to some other market place and 3 days ago I had an invite from a different person on thingiverse to sell here. Being a free download site those of us on there tend to be a bit more casual about the quality of our items than if we are in effect preparing a shop front.

Last week I decided to try joining here and go through the add design procedure to test the process so I took a model with 394 views and 84 downloads over a period of almost 2.5 months. First issue is that I can choose top, bottom and side layers on a FDM printer and not waste material in between- the price for me to print on here was over $300 for what is essentially a wire frame model with wire of about 8mm and a height of about 340mm. The unit is a “spike hangar” and would suit jewelry display. So, in order to make it more saleable, I’d want to hollow it out and repost.

However, I wanted to go through the process of preparing an item fully for sale, so under Distribution, where it says Sell/Share UNLOCK NOW, I got this annoying actor type GIF with a pointing finger and the words “You’re awesome” and some stuff about my application being successfully submitted.
AT this stage, the process of placing items to purchase is halted as the sell/share function is non functional.

So I’m now in the situation of having joined a pay website to display my stuff for free, it’s not displayed and there’s no paying. :smiley:

The vase designs I made last week I’ve started to sell privately because people are loving them, the vase design on that other site has a download to view ratio of about 38% which will only increase as it get found on tag searches instead of new item searches, and I have another new design for a bowl that I’m considering what to do with. I have a 320mm high FDM seven lobed twisty vase just finished a 3.5 hour print to order, 9 mini five lobed twisty bowls, 3 full sized twisty bowls and it’s all go at this end.

I feel a bit awesome, but I’m not 100% sure that I’m awesome enough for this site. :smiley:
It’s early days because I’ve only been designing since my rostock chimney and igloo in early July, I will never have the ability (or rendering server power) of zingerhof, but I’m inventive, I can drive programatic CAD and people like the stuff I create.

At least I have a day job!

Hi Graham,

Thanks for the feedback. We are certainly happy to have you on the site and have just approved you as a featured designer. I apologize for the delay in approval, it generally takes us a couple days to catch up, and the end/start of months is always very busy for us.

You should now be able to Share and Sell your designs, and we look forward to seeing your great work amongst the community. (if not, please send me a message at [email protected] with your account details and I’ll figure out why it isn’t working). I apologize for any inconvenience.

As for the Application process, this is something we will be transitioning away from as we move to a new system of on boarding, which allows you and the rest of the community to invite new users to join and automatically get approval to sell/share.

If you ever have any further feedback, please do get in touch with us again. We are a young startup but we are eager to please and always more than willing to hear some constructive criticism on how we could be doing things better to suit the 3D printing enthusiasts we are building this for.

Nick, Co-Founder

Thanks Nick,
I’ve added a printable mesh model, seems to have worked. I’ll have another look next time I’m free to check on editing (can’t see how to modify a loaded design’s parameters), and the selling process as I can’t currently see how to set the payment channel.

I’ll be working on some current models and new ones also, for printability in your supported processes.

Hi Graham,

Glad to hear it worked for you. The editing is easy to miss and we need an update to make it clearer. You can see the little pencil and x icons in the top right of the image below.

As for the payment method, you can update that in your settings page:

Hope that helps!


That’s great Nick,
I’ve completed that process.

I can see you’re busy working on the product range and quality, good luck for the following phase! :smiley:

Thanks Graham!

Be sure to let us know if there are any other thoughts about the site, or if you run into anything else that isn’t crystal clear.