I use a Da Vinci 1.0 before the new open filament version. I am curious to know if any one has tried using the Makesolid filament in one. I won a spool here on pinshape an concerned I now may not be able to use it. I have a tool to reset my cartridges and change the temperature of the extruder. Has any one had any success?

I messaged a user who has the Da Vinci 1.0 and also won a spool of MadeSolid filament to see if they can provide some help. Hoping they’ll have a bit of time to give their input!

Looking forward to more info. I am trying to investigate some of the other types of filaments too now that I have a cartridge reset tool. I did see some people having issues with PLA clogging on reviews of products at Amazon

I hope this topic becomes a little more active.

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Hello Steven,
Karen asked me if I could help you with my settings for MadeSolid PET+ on a Da Vinci printer.

My Da Vinci 1.0a is modified with these parts:

My settings for printing with MadeSolid PET+:
Heated bed temp: 35°C
Hotend temp: 235°C
Print speed: 20 mm/s
I use Scotch Blue masking tape on my printbed and no cooling fan.

These are the best settings for my modified Da Vinci, but I don’t know if this works for a almost stock Da Vinci printer.
Perhaps this helps you a bit.

Thomas Kreidel


Not quite as techy as you are looked at links a little over my small mind :smile: :grin:

Is it possible to use it without the head modifications can I use the original printer heads at the higher temp? At this stage I am too much of a neophyte to tinker with the hardware. Had enough of challenge with it and XYZ when my first print head died a few days after I got it. had to replace the wiring and a small circuit board on back of head.