XYZ making firmware makes life bad

Well I accidently screwed up so I thought I would post about it and I hope someone can give me an easy set of steps to fix my firmware issue. I recently took the newest firmware upgrade my mistake I have a cartridge that is set to use PLA and now the printer returns a message that I have to purchase a PLA upgrade kit. I also have a brand new XY cartridge of PLA that was listed as compatible with the Da Vinci 1.0 but now I am concerned if I open it it will return the same error. I am becoming more and more disappointed with XY and there support. I hope my posting will help others who may still be using their Da Vinci in stock settings.

Now I need to reset my firmware can someone assist on this issue?

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The Early versions of the 1.0 don’t have a PLA compatible Print Head. If the printer is still under warranty XYZ will send you a Free PLA compatible print head upgrade. If not, you need to purchase it. $100 from memory. If you use PLA in that print head it will constantly jam. The Feed pipe into the Hot End over heats.