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Would you make designs to 3D print with memory foam?


Interesting new technology that lets you 3D print in Layfomm (memory foam):

Would you design for this material/Do you think this sort of filament could yield useful designs?


Hi Adrienne,

I saw that product a couple of days ago, personally I haven’t conceived a use for it, yet, but there is a kid’s toy material sold in NZ as “silliputty” that I would have a use for as a mixed material.

I think there will be massively increasing design in mixed materials with FDM printers, the ability to lay down multiple materials fast and tidily is still in it’s infancy, but in a couple of years I think it will be practical and sufficiently refined. Food printing will go really big soon, with lots of multi material teamed extruders creating the equivalent of meat fibres embedded in psuedo meat products. Hopefully healthy too, though experience tells that the mass market only cares about sales and cost, flavor.

The core advantage of your linked product is it’s ability to be printed accurately with a bowden tube extruder before being altered to be soft. The requirement for water reduces it’s stability. It’s basically a workaround filament for bowden extruders. We will see development in this field to hard filaments that thermally recompose to rubbery in a permanent process, also within the next few years.



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