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Wood Wars Table Top War Game

I am working on pieces of a table top skirmish game called Wood Wars. Wood Wars 3D printed will be a highly accessible tabletop strategy game for 2-6 players that can be played in as little as 30 minutes.
Wood Wars will feature large customized armies that can be as big or small as you want and 3D printed terrain elements to play around.If you have a 3D printer, there will be no end to your armies. If not, the models will be small and cheap enough to get through your local 3D printing services. Or, you can get them directly from us, and you’ll always be able to download the files you need, so Wood Wars and all your favorite retro games will never again be out of print.

Find out more and keep up with the project here: Joe's 3D Workbench: Wood Wars

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this!

The game has progressed and I now have complete sets that I’m playtesting the heck out of. You can see more and sign up for the mailing list here:

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