What's the Best way to create 3D image of Person from 2D picture?

I’d like to print 3D images created from 2D pics. What kind of S/W support it? how many manual work of designer requested?

Are you looking to hire someone to help you with this, or are you looking for software tools that allow you to do it yourself?

Hi NIck, Ideally - I am looking for automated workflow to make tens or hundreds figurines from the single or few 2D pics. However it seems no such S/W for today, some can produce Head photo reconstruction, some like 123D Catch request 8 photo and fail almost each trial to create object.
So answer: I am looking for the most effective workflow that will combine S/W and Designers that able to do it.The target - to check few business ideas.

The problem with building 3D data from an image in traditional ways is if the lighting is not consistent, there’s some change due to spectacularity (which skin does have to deal with) then the software can’t properly calculate the points. If the person moves or twiches there will be a loss of accuracy as well. There are ways to counteract this, but not for what you’re thinking.

There is a company I know of who’s developing a software that assumes it’s looking at a face, looks for the dimensions of specific points, and creates a 3D model from that data. So far it works /okay/ but it’s not available to the public yet. But if you’re looking to develop a toolchain maybe you can make it happen yourself.

Thanks Joe, your tips as always are valuable. In the end of day we’ll do tools that do it automatically but sometime I need best possible mix between manual work and automation that allow to run business testing at affordable price.

Hey Gennady, I am not sure if it will do the job on a human face but it might be worth a look. Please see this post I did on my site HERE

It has some pretty awesome capability to merge 2d images and 3d Models. It runs on the command line and I think source is available too. So it would lend itself to automation. Hope that helps! Lance

Hi Lance,
its very interest technology that you Team holds however it does not fit for specific biz project that we run because we deal with people face & bodies. Anyway I will be glad to discuss further option of reconstruction technologies you developed. Feel free to contact me [email protected]

Gennady Simanovsky

There’s also the idea of turning that 2d image directly into a lithophane. I’ll make a tutorial on that my next video.