What’s your most painful problem related to 3D printing right now?

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I’m an entrepreneur and I want to create my next venture in the 3D printing world.

I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. What’s your most painful problem related to 3D printing right now?
  2. If you had a magic wand, how would you solve it?

Feel free to tell me about everything related to the 3D printing process from the very beginning (when you didn’t have any 3D printer to now where everything is installed and running).

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

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I’ve had my 3D Printer for over a year now and it has worked great, but it needs a service and I can not find anyone anywhere who services and maintains 3D printers, let alone the model I have.

I’ve had my printer for just more than a year. Maintained by me and bought as a kit. Their kind of like rc cars, you need to learn the machine, to use and to fix and repair daily. Mine was the least expensive machine I could find. But it works.
If I had a business, I would buy the best I could afford and let the maintenance man do the rest.

multimaterial printing. Printer should have eay interchangeable extruders or multiextruders to print 2 materials for one part to improve part quality and strength

Right now my biggest 3D printing problem is being able to get some Buildtak or glue sticks. Right now I am using painter’s tape to adhere my prints to my glass plate and it sucks. My prints don’t stick at all to my glass plate without painter’s tape and even with painter’s tape they have trouble sticking and are proned to warping. I am going to get some buildtak but I am waiting on an amazon order lol.

hi there im new to 3d printing i have the monoprice select mini and i cant get prints over 52mm is this the highest for this printer i will be very disappointed if it is the program i got with the sd is cura 3.1 i downloaded another cura and it allowed me to get them bigger but as soon as i transferred to card the program crashed please please if anyone can give advice on how to possibly sort it thanks in advance sam

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You change your machine dimensions in your machine settings in cura. Good luck!!!

Hi there thanks for your response I’ve checked those and mine is set at 75 mm the company who I got the machine from says it might be a problem with the machine I think it’s somewhere in the setting or perhaps the software it’s cura 1504

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Oh bottoms it’s cura 15.04.02

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What does cura say for the maximum height of your printer? It should say it under settings of your machine.

hi there it says width 80 depth 80 height 75 ive tried changing to higher but it wont allow me to transfer directly to the sd card

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It’s a firmware problem. I don’t know enough about that kind of printer to help you. Sorry!!!

Hi there thankyou for replying I think I’ve finally cracked it I’m in the process of printing a pen holder and I’ve managed to print above 52mm I download the newer cura so fingers crossed thankyou so much for your help

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My most painful problem is the complete lack documentation and instructions for the Sunhokey printer.

The Sunhokey Prusa i3 clones often come with no instructions.

I watched YouTube and built it, but I have no printer drivers to use etc. Their links to printer drivers don’t work. (corrupted rar files and drivers). So I’ve had it 3 weeks and am still trying to get it sorted.