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What is the best port number for smtp?

It is common to have questions about which email ports to use when configuring the SMTP Relay server to your email or application. So, which ports should you use? Which are the safest and most secure? In this article, we’ll go over which ports you can use to send emails via the SMTP Mailpro servers.

The Simple Email Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the fundamental protocol that email servers and some applications or services that support SMTP relay use. Concerning “storing and forwarding,” the SMTP Protocol is in charge of email transfer by collaborating directly with an email transfer agent to send the communication from the computer to the recipient’s inbox.
The connection ports are the communication points through which all data and communications are transferred; each of these serves a specific purpose and is associated with a specific protocol. An SMTP port is the portion of an internet address that is used to transfer emails.

The most common SMTP ports are 25, 465, 587, and 2525. Mailpro supports standard SMTP ports 25 and 587 for email transfer.

SMTP server providers, such as Mailpro, have been concerned with investing in the development of infrastructures for the relay of large volumes of emails, as well as strictly monitoring the security of the relay process in order to prevent junk traffic from interfering with the SMTP exchange process.