What if my 3D printer can print materials you can't?

I have used a 3D Systems basic X60 model to color print in a material similar to Shapeways Sandstone.
Will you be developing your range of materials and 3D printer options?
Is there a way to direct users to a website that can offer more materials?
What if the designer wants to control the 3D printing in house?

thank you for answering these basic questions

Hi Rifle_Creek,

Thanks for the questions!

  1. Yes, we will be looking to expand our range of materials in the future. We currently offer 35+ different variations of materials, including plastics, polished plastic, ceramics, detailed resisns, sterling silver and multi-color sandstone.
  2. Right now, if you choose to download a file from a designer, you are certainly free to use that file with another print service if you’d like a different selection of materials.
  3. At this point the majority of the designers we’ve spoken to are focused on producing the designs and like the simplicity of having us take care of printing and shipping. We do recognize there are certain cases where designers would like to add more to the design or handle printing and shipping themselves, and we are considering adding that option in the future.

If you have any other thoughts or questions, feel free to let us know!