What filament to use to make stamps?

I’m still waiting for my 1st 3D printer to arrive, but having fun planning what to do with it. One of those things is to make stamps for printing, but I don’t know what kind of filament would work best. PLA? ABS? Nylon? Something else? Suggestions and discussion welcome!

I’ve never tryed to make stamps, but personally I would suggest to start with PLA because it’s the easiest way to obtain small detail without a lot of problems.
On the other side ABS can be smoothed out with acetone so once smoothed your stamps probably will look better, but you will lose detail. ABS also tend to warp and shrink, so it’s more challenging to print.
Actually I have printed only with these two kind of plastic, so I can’t say anything more than this (I’m not sure about this but I think that HIPS can also be smoothed with acetone).
I hope this will help :slight_smile:
(and sorry for my poor english, I hope that it’s understandable)

What sort of stamps are you trying to make,? if its for paper prints then the print itself has to absorb some of the ink/ paint/ or particulate that you need to use to make the impression of said stamp,
most stamps are made of a rubberised material that hold ink/paint in micro holes this allows the print to be Stamped onto the surface of what you are using so what you use will have an impact on how the stamp turns out.