What do the "like" button...?

i don’t like the ‘like’ feature… i think this is an horrible root of facebook and it’s like a bad disguise for “sheep crowd thinking”…
and about that, what’s the button ‘like’ do on pinshape ? is it only an “pinshape internal” features ? or did this button create sort of spy cookie like on the the face-“privacy ID stealer”-book ?
and as a side effect, how do pinshape use our privacy data ? (sell/exchange with other ad site ? )

When we originally designed the Like button, the idea was that yes, it would act as it does on Facebook. It allows a user to show their appreciation of a design in a very passive way and acts as a quick way to provide some validation of a design.

We’ve internally discussed that anytime an item gets “Liked” it could be added to a default Collection called “Designs I Like”. Would that be a more appropriate use of the functionality?

As for cookies, the Like button certainly has nothing to do with that. At some point, we may use that information as one piece of the puzzle to help determine what kind of designs you enjoy, and tailor your design feed to show you things we think you are more likely to care about, but we aren’t there yet.

As for ads, right now, we have ads on our platform, nor do we share your behavior information with anyone for any purpose.

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thanks for your answer. but i disagree… the ‘like’ button didn’t provide a validation of design the most of the time. it can do that, perhaps, with few peoples, because at this time, the intelligence is still there. But whith lot of peoples, it’s only a way to show " look, my social network is bigger than yours , and all my friends are here to show that", even more if you use it for contest and other “show what you like”.

I am convinced that this function can only be usefull (and really show what people like) , IF there is nothing to win to use it… Even the Badge system is bad with that in mind (what ? i need to ‘like’ something to gain my badge ? … we are in a MMORPG ? i need to upgrade my stats to kill this boss… hemmm… i mean print this model :stuck_out_tongue: humor inside)

by the way, the idea of the Collection “design i like” is good…

I understand what you mean. If you look at our recent contests, Likes have not been a part of the judging criteria for exactly this reason. As of right now, there is nothing to win when using the Like button, just a way to interact. That being said, the Things I Like collection probably still makes the most sense.