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What are the different benefits of using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?


QuickBooks Enterprise boasts more features than any other version of QuickBooks and is Intuit’s “mid market” offering. While it does cost more that QuickBooks Online or Desktop, the unique benefits more than make up for the extra cost of the software.

  1. Job Costing
    QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to create estimates, track time and expenses against the estimate, and run detailed job costing reports (that are built in natively – no setup required!) to determine the profitability on each job. Accurate estimation is crucial for all types of businesses, and so robust job costing capabilities are a game changer for those switching to the software.

  2. Backups are Easier Due to the Vault
    When you sign up for a QuickBooks Enterprise subscription, as an extra feature, you also get a one-year subscription to an online vault. You can use this vault to back up your data. With 10GB of storage, the vault helps to keep your QuickBooks reports safe, and for no additional cost. In addition to your necessary accounting data, other files that can be stored include your spreadsheets, images, and other digital files of different formats. This is a unique benefit that comes with the use of the QuickBooks Enterprise, as the Pro and Premier versions do not have this.

  3. Support Is Better for Longer
    A QuickBooks Enterprise subscription opens access to free tech support for the accounting software for a period of one year at no cost. While the Pro software has this option too, the support is only available for a single month. If you are just switching over to the accounting software, you will need support for longer than a month. Additionally, the technical support available to Enterprise users is provided through the Intuit Priority Circle, which is staffed only by senior reps who deeply understand the product.

  4. Training and Educational Materials
    When you purchase QuickBooks Enterprise, the software comes with online training tools that are provided free of charge. You don’t get these useful materials when you use the Premier or Pro versions of the software. Of course, you can find many free training resources online, but they aren’t nearly as useful as the training provided by the developer, and the knowledge base hosted by Intuit themselves.

  5. Licenses to Other Applications
    The QuickBooks Enterprise bundle of the bookkeeping software comes with native integrations to many other applications that could prove useful to your business. A free license is provided for each of the applications bundled with the software, such as Intuit Field Service Management, and TrueCommerce EDI.
    All of these are integrated into the QuickBooks Enterprise software so you don’t have to install them separately. When used in conjunction with the accounting software, your business gains unique advantages over the competition. You are able to perform inventory tracking, supply chain management, and even payroll tracking through the software.

I hope this information will be helpful!
Mark Wilson


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