What am I doing wrong?

So I have been using a Stratsys Mojo, Makerbot Replicator 2, and a Dremel Idea Builder. I just got a new Ultimaker 2 Extended +. I have been successfully printing small objects using a raft with and without supports. No issues, and extremely impressed with the quality. I’m venturing into printing E-Nable prosthetics which give the exact setting to properly print. Hence, this is the first time I’m printing on the new printer without a raft. Every object I try to print regardless of the model, I have issues of it not sticking or a leveling issue. I’m not sure which it is. The link below is a video of my leveling, the print, and a screenshot of the Cura settings. Can anyone tell me what I’m not doing correctly? Thanks for any help.


Is there a setting in cura to offset the nozzle? When the printer begins printing the nozzle looks like it isn’t close enough to the bed. Hard to tell how far above the bed the nozzle is during the bed leveling process but generally the nozzle should be close enough to the bed to slide a piece of paper underneath.

You could also try lowering the print speed of the first layer.

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I don’t know if there is an offset setting in cura, but I can change the z offset in the gcode. I have used the paper test mode and have slight friction when passing the paper at all three points. I’ll try moving even closer, but I believe I’m about 0.1mm from the plate.

Are there thumbscrews underneath the platform that you can adjust during the bed leveling process? You may need to manually level the bed if you have not already.