Views Count

Hello All

I’ve noticed for a while, so shame on me for not making note of it here, that an items ‘Views’ count goes up 4x ever time I visit my OWN design page.

So just as a heads up, the views shouldn’t go up at all when the system knows it is my design (logged in), and it certainly shouldn’t go up 4 counts for each visit.

If there is any other information that you may need just ask.

And one thing to mention on the side, it would be nice to see number of visits for each design in the dashboard/my upload area. Just to consolidate some information instead of having to click click click…



Hi Jason,

Thanks for bringing this up. We’ll certainly have a look at what’s going on. We plan to make a pretty serious overhaul to the dashboard in the new year and we’ll keep this in mind for sure.