Upload a print - Printer Selection List needs attention

Firefox Version 65.0.1 (64-bit)
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
Upload a Print function

Hi, several things:

• The drop-down printer listing is abysmal - whilst the search-as-youtype function is handy, there’s no guarantee that your printer will have been entered as you may know it and the list’s alphabetical order appears to not have been maintained. I would expect that as an SQL table, this can be regularly re-ordered by a script.

• This follows on from the above - as a result of not having any particular order or rule-set for entering printer models, you have multiple entries for Prusa’s depending on a particular individual’s idea of what it’s called. Suggest that duplicates be identified, aligned to the manufacturer’s naming convention for the brand/model, and the rest deleted.

• If your printer is not on the drop-down list, then unlike the design page, you cannot add your own printer and so you are forced to select an alternative or not post a print - this is the the original issue that prompted me to post the bug-report but as you can see, there’s a few things about the list that need attention.



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Indeed. I submitted my printers and had to pick something else in the meantime.