Ultimaker 2 Material Loading Issue

Hey everyone!

We just got a brand new Ultimaker 2 and are getting it going for the first time. We are using some Colorfabb 2.85mm PLA filament and are having an issue getting the material to flow smoothly through the feeder.

What is happening is that the material is just getting really ground down by the feeder, and when we try to print, it isn’t pushing it through to the extruder even. Anyone have similar issues, how did you solve it?


Your nozzle is getting clogged.

If it’s happening on the first layer chances are your bed is too close to the nozzle and the filament can’t get out. You can fix this by altering your leveling, dropping your bed 0.05mm-0.1mm.

Sometimes your nozzle gets gunk in it and sometimes it can be unclogged, but sometimes you just have to remove the old nozzle and replace it with a new one.

Thanks Joe,

It actually ended up just being that the tension on the feeder mechanism was a little too loose and it wasn’t properly gripping the filament to push it through. It was fixed with a quick turn of the screw that adjusts that tension on the back of the machine. Thankfully the nozzle wasn’t clogged!