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Thingiverse File Transfer

Is this still a working option? I clicked on it and entered my info a handful of days ago and nothing has happened yet. Not in a special hurry, but i would like to know if this is still a thing or not or if i should just plan on bringing my stuff over eventually the manual way. Maybe it isn’t happening because Thingiverse screwed up their site recently?

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I tried the thingiverse file transfer on new 2 accounts. Neither worked, the button to import didn’t react, and now I can’t find the import dialog anymore after trying it once. Looks like I’ll reconsider pinshape as my thingiverse replacement.

The import failed to work for me to even though a few mins after clicking it, a popup said it had completed it was this feature that I started to use pinshape for its a shame it doesnt work.

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