The in's and out's of being a designer?

I’m contemplating submitting designs on a regular basis and maybe earn a little scratch in the process. Is there an article that explains the process of how that works? I imagine I submit a design, upload it to my account and then hope it sells. But what happens when I do make a sale? How do I get paid? Also does anyone on here really make any kind of money doing this?

Hi, I don’t know if there is an article that explain that but it is basically what you stated above: when you upload the file you can choose how much money you want to gain for every sell (which is different from the price that other people will see because pinshape will add a markup for itself) and the tipe of creative commons license.
Once you reach 30$ they will send you a paypal payment with the money.

I’m not a super active designer and I did not sell a lot but if you do something and people like it I think that you can earn some money.