The contest are really judged correctly?

hello pinshapers want to open this thread to tell me if you really believe if the contests are really judged proper it is clear that each of us believe that our design is better than all is normal is in our way of being. I want to be clear that in the competitions that participated in none and I think my designs are the best but from this base I remember one that was about the accessories for the bike and there were a lot of very good designs but In the end It win a mobile phone holder. (What is the novelty ???). Well my opinion is the following as I remember the mobile support I remember a very very good design on a remote braking system for the small bike, but that has not won the first prize the Novelty was a Mobile phone support( a Good design also ) now we have participated in a contest of robotics, mechanics, electronics and everything that includes such designs and ho won the first prize ??? Well a design that has already participated in a previous contest for disabled people is true that the design has changed a little since then is now more handsome. But according to the rules of the contest the design did not have to be participated in a previous contest and like these examples there are many, what do you think about this ??? Sorry for my poor English I am from Spain.

Do you think that anyone here made a working design in 2 hrs. I am not pulling you down you are very confused. But we all see we all HAVE SOME IDEAS OF DESIGNING AND MODELING SO YES ITS THE SAME DESIGN but another version. The contest says so: Unique entry. The same design in 2 contests??? So from now every one of us now WE KNOW THAT CHANGING THE MODEL OR ADDING SOME CHANGES TO A DESIGN NOW WE CAN PARTICIPATE TO INFINITE CONTESTS. Or pinshape can ad like a rules the same design but adding changes can have infinitely entry’s in future contests.

I am not saying that your design is not good. I JUST SIMPLY LOVED. But what I am highlighting is that the pinshape has some rules but the rules are made to be broken.

I REALLY DO NOT KNOW THAT FACT. And yet again pinshape have rules FOR NOTHING. This comments are good for PINSHAPE so in this way will take action for this.