Sunday Upload: Cannot Download files (Hard error), not appearing in searches or "Other designs by Karuuv", or Game Design Contest

Good morning, apologies if this is a known issue or simply user error on my part, but I uploaded this design on Sunday:

And it doesn’t seem to be showing up in the “More by Karuuv” section, or if I use the website search to try and find it via one of the tags.
I also see “My Designs: 3” in my profile, but only have buttons for 2.

I also had entered this design into the Game Design Contest, and while my first entry gave me a “You have a design under review for this contest” message on the contest page, I don’t see that for this design entry.

I double-checked that the rules allowed more than one entry per person, so I’m not sure why this one seems different from my previous uploads.
Was there a publish button I missed? Or did I just have a bit of bad luck on this?

Edit - Possibly Related: When I first uploaded this I had attempted to include the .blend files and received an error.
Is it possible those files still saved to the database, and it’s therefore pulling that on the load but failing to read them, causing it to just fail to fully load the object on various screens?

Edit 2:
I can’t download the files either:
"Error 520 Ray ID: 4066436c9d1b5528 • 2018-04-04 19:44:20 UTC
Web server is returning an unknown error"
I also don’t have 3D Previews for any of the STL files, which makes me think it can’t read them. Hoping again that that is because the .blend files did in fact save to the database and causing problems.
I’m going to try reuploading this when I get home as a new item and if that corrects it I’ll delete the old one.

Thank you for your time,

Now that I’m at home I was able to do some testing.

I created a new design, and attempted to upload a single STL once with Firefox and once with Chrome, and that design is experiencing the same bug as above, so I no longer think the .Blend files had anything to do with it :frowning:

I am still unable to download the files in either Design, and it still shows up broken… so, I think this is officially out of my hands. I’ve deleted my bugtesting design so it’s at least not cluttering anything up. Updating the title above to include the not able to download issue.

However, I then noticed the last entry to the Game Design contest was about 12 days ago, so I’m assuming this is a known issue and I just missed an announcement somewhere.

I’m having the exact same problem with my design here

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same problem here it’s already 4 day’s

Something is donked-up with their servers, just did another one and it has the same problems. I also found that you can download the models from your dashboard but not from the specific page.

The entries have begun appearing in our “More By” section and searches! :smiley:
I still can’t download the files from within the object’s page itself, but at least they’re not completely invisible anymore, so the progress there has reduced my worry.

Slightly off topic: I really like that Mario coin dispenser.

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