Suggest contest themes! November and december contest for 2014?

Don’t see a new contest for November. Will their be one for December?
Will their be more contests in the future or is pinshape considering dropping big contests? Any hints to the themes if you are having them?

Also all you fellow pinshape users, any contest themes or ideas you would like to suggest to pinshape or things you would like to see done with contests?

here are a suggested few off the top of my head:


  • table decoration (something besides Turkey to put on the table this holiday :smiley: )
    -Tree top ornament (3d printed ornaments and tree toppers would be a cool way to add something unique for the holiday decor)
    -tree ornament (of course your own set of Christmas tree ornaments would be cool)
  • Cocoa/coffee mug designs for when things get a bit chilly
  • Christmas village (miniature items for Christmas village displays and train sets.)
  • Stocking stuffers (items that could fit in a stocking like small toys and gadgets, puzzles etc)
    -Flower vase or chocolate box for valentines

General themes:

  • phone case
  • Tiny contest (set a small size limit or just give the theme of tiny or small, and see what items users can come up with that do well with detailed and small)
  • Handy helper ( a theme to create something to help out, from organizing to helping improve an item)
  • Table top Gaming ( board game counters, monopoly replacements, to gaming figurines, dice, poker chips/counters, etc.)

Suggested Prizes:
-Ibox Nano 3d (or more 3D printers)
-Common 3D Print cleaning or post work supplies
-coupon for 3d printing resin from makerjuice? or similar companies.

  • would love to see MORE pinshape coupons
    -amazon coupons (to buy any pinshape prints off amazon or other goodies)
  • Online classes tutorials and videos or books about 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Hi Silverbeam,

Love the contest ideas! We don’t have any plans to drop contests from Pinshape, and we’ll definitely take these ideas into consideration when we’re planning our future contests/prizes.

We have another contest coming up in December that we will be announcing soon!