Streaming for a customer - Estimated volume and time to print


We are new to Pinshape and a customer has requested to print a design available by stream only from your site. How can we know the volume of material and the time it will take to print the object to properly evaluate the fees for the print?

We usually use Cura which provide informations to evaluate the fees for a print.

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I haven’t streamed anything in a while but I don’t think there is anything currently set up to tell you time estimate and print material usage.

You could contact the designer of the design though the “hire me” button in the designer’s profile and ask if they could load their design into Cura with your print profile (or settings you are going to use with the streaming service) and reply back with the material volume and estimated time. Don’t know if you want to factor in the time it takes to download the generated code to your printer.

You could also inquire if the designer would be willing to give you the stl file for a small fee.

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Yeah, Tanya got it right. Once you are happy with your settings and slice the design, it will tell you the time to print, but not before that. It’s something we’d like to improve for sure.

Thanks for the info.

There seems to be more that is getting added to this topic. The license restrictions are not displayed for streamed items on pinshape. This means possibly that some items get streamed for commercial use without the right to do so.

Hi @pmsimard, thanks for bringing this up— the streamed items still fall under a personal use license, but we are working on making this clear in the near future on the design’s page!

So then if all streams are under personal license it means no commercial use is accepted and then it resolve our issue since we have no rights to print it.