.stl Model of Surfactant Molecule

I am planning a science lesson on surfactants (the type of molecules that make up detergents) and I am looking for a 3D model that I could print as a teaching aid. My preferred format would be .stl. Has anyone seen such a model? A nice schematic diagram of surfactant molecules can be found at this link: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zGboyVeAPTY/WjOXyi7ekBI/AAAAAAAAAHw/8DCIPfgSVQUBkam2MXZVHUd2mrjQY-DGACLcBGAs/s1600/Y%C3%BCzey%2Baktifler.jpg

The design is fairly simple an perhaps there is something out there that is close that I could manipulate myself (I am a novice).

Thank you.

Hi, I don’t know any model that you could print, but if all you need is someting similar to the image you posted you can use that image and import it in a cad software (I’m an hobbyist and I use fusion 360 but probably you can do this thing in tinkercad too), then simply trace the outline and extrude it up, then you can refine your model to look exactly how you want.

Are you going to use magnets to emulate the electric charge/force in the head or this is unnecessary for your purpose?

Thank you for the suggestions. I am not very savvy with CAD software but maybe I can find something similar and stretch/resize it a little. I thought about using magnets for this but I suspect that if I tried to do this I might end up getting a big clump of magnets when trying to simulate a micelle. Maybe I will give it a shot.

Thank you again.